Bellani” comes from the Italian words for beautiful (bella) and wool (lana). Beautiful wool was an intuitive fit for our throws and blankets.




When the world was urged to stay at home, in March 2020, Allie Petrova set out on a journey to bring warmth into people's homes.

Like many other professionals, Allie replaced in-person client meetings with virtual ones. She relocated her workspace from a low-rise office building to her home. Spending more time at home than usual, she started finding ways to beautify the interior and improve everyone's comfort and wellbeing at home.


 Allie Petrova, founder of Bellani, at home with her favorite Carolina Blue blanket of our Luxe Collection


And, whether working at her desk in her home office or on the patio, or unwinding while watching a movie, she wished for a natural blanket to wrap herself in comfort and coziness. She took out a heavy Scottish wool blanket to stay warm at night. It was of heirloom quality - the kind of blanket that gets lots of use without much wear and parents pass on to children. It was super comfy albeit a tad too heavy and somewhat prickly because of its traditional wool. She also had light blankets that she used frequently in those cool days of late spring. As she took a closer look, Allie discovered they were made of synthetics that just did not feel the same as the Scottish blanket.

That is when she serendipitously discovered a merino blanket offered by a friend at a backyard gathering. The merino blanket combined the natural temperature-regulating properties of wool while flooding the senses with the pleasures of softness and lightness.

Allie went on a journey to create the perfect, luxuriously soft blanket made of fine merino. It came to Allie that merino blankets can bring comfort and joy to others, like her, who were spending more time at home now. She started learning about the properties and intricacies of fine merino, exploring the sourcing of it, and researching old textile mills with traditions in wool-made goods and weaving. She was talking with potential suppliers in other time zones in Europe at odd hours. She also wanted to support artisan women. Ultimately, she selected like-minded people who believe in quality and went through a whirlwind of logistical challenges in the midst of the pandemic to bring the blankets across the Atlantic. That is how one ting led to another and Bellani came into being.

As the name suggests, our color schemes are inspired by nature. Radiant Orchid, Blush Rose and Splendid Tulip come from the flowers in our gardens and vases. Sage Green stands for the calming and grounding greenery we find in nature. Ivory Cream takes you back to the sand on the beach. White Pearl takes merino's natural color like a pure, natural pearl. Midnight Sky and Aqua Gray honor the blue in the night sky and the vast bodies of water. Of course, Carolina Blue gives a nod to the blue skies in Allie's home state, North Carolina.

Bellani's blankets and throws are versatile. The Luxe collection covers your everyday high-end throw in classic and refreshing designs. Bellani Baby merino blankets bring delightful softness and hypoallergenic comfort to infants and toddlers. Bellani Pet extends this level of fine merino comfort to our four-legged family members. The Royal by Bellani offers the ultimate luxury and consists of a single comforter, which is incredibly soft and pleasantly warm, in pure white.





We believe in craftsmanship. Our throws and blankets are made in European weaving mills, with long-standing traditions, where quality withstands the test of time.



The exquisite detail of our throws and blankets shows in the hand finished fringe, the intricate weaving, the complex patters, and the captivating color palette.



We believe in the environment. Our blankets are made of merino wool, with a thought for the next generation on our planet. Merino is an all-natural, sustainable material. We do not use any synthetics.



We believe in supporting the community and aim to support women artisans. Our partners are female entrepreneurs, and our blankets are hand crafted by women artisans.