1. Super Comfortable. Merino is comfortable at all times and perfect for all year use, thanks to its thermo-regulating properties. It regulates body temperature to keep you cool in warm weather, warm at low temperatures.


2. Extra Soft. Merino is known for its cashmere-like softness and smoothness. Unlike regular wool, merino wool is neither prickly nor itchy. We use fine merino wool fibers that are extra thin (measured in microns with one micron equal to one-thousandth of a millimeter), which is as soft as it gets for a merino blanket.


3. Natural. Merino consists of natural fibers made of natural compounds. No synthetics are involved.


4. Breathable. Merino naturally absorbs and buffers moisture, thanks to its moisture-wicking properties. It keeps moisture away from the skin, so you would be dry and sweat-free.


5. Timeless. Merino is elastic. It does not wrinkle, it does not stretch or shrink if you clean it properly at the dry cleaner’s. Your merino blanket would keep its shape over the years.


6. Antibacterial. Merino is very fine wool, and wool is known for its antibacterial effects.


7. Hypoallergenic. It is perfect for sensitive skin and anyone with allergies and other sensitivities.


8. Antistatic. Merino does not attract lint, dirt, or other tarnishes. Thanks to these antistatic properties, your merino blanket stays clean longer.


9. Odor-neutralizing. Merino does not retain odor-forming bacteria. It resists buildup of odor, which means you don’t need to wash as frequently.


10. Environmentally sustainable. Merino is a renewable resource. Merino sheep grow a new layer, all it takes for these natural fibers to grow is water, sun, fresh air, and fresh grass.