We always hear top interior designers recommend adding texture and color to your room design. Bellani's merino wool throw blankets are perfect for adding that touch of color and texture to your space. Here are some tips on how to style a throw blanket on a sofa:

  1. For a sophisticated look, fold your throw blanket lengthwise into thirds.Then drape it over the back of the couch off-center near the arm rest. This styling complements well a formal sitting room.
  2. You can also drape the wool throw over the arm rest. This is a more casual look, which is appropriate for a family room.
  3. A neatly folded throw blanket can be laid on the seat cushion, hanging down, which showcases the fringe and texture in a less formal way.
  4. A chaise sofa provides a great corner for laying a sofa throw.
  5. When using a sofa throw for texture, keep decorative pillows to a minimum to prevent overcrowding the esthetic.
  6. Bellani's merino sofa throws come with hand-finished fringe. Keep the fringe pointed down.
  7. Select a basket that complements your room design, and keep your blankets in it for a casual look. This makes it easy to grab a soft merino blanket for a quick nap, family time on the couch, or game night.