Keeping your wool throw blanket in tip top shape is quite easy. It is best to wash blankets sparingly, once every three to four months. Here are some more tips on how to care for your merino wool throw blanket:

  • It is often sufficient to air out your wool throw blanket outside to freshen it up. Give the wool blanket a good shake to remove any dust, lint and dirt that may have accumulated.
  • Wool has hydroscopic properties so it does not build up static electricity and does not attract lint and dirt like other materials.
  • The natural fiber of merino wool has a protective wax-like coating, which keeps merino from getting wet from liquids.
  • Spot clean stains as soon as possible. Use warm water and mild detergent. Soak the area and blot it clean. Do not scrub the blanket. We recommend washing by hand when spot cleaning.
  • Merino wool throw blankets can be safely washed at home, either by hand or in the washing machine.
  • Use the wool cycle of your washing machine. You can use a gentle or delicate cycle with cool or lukewarm water.
  • Avoid long cycles with extensive soaking and spinning.
  • Allow for plenty of room in the washing machine and do not overload wool throw blankets. This prevent excessive agitation.
  • Do not tumble dry your wool throw blanket. Excessive heat causes your merino wool sofa throw blanket to lose its softness. Heat can affect the shape of the fibers and cause wool throw blankets to appear deformed.
  • Keep your merino wool blanket away from direct sunlight when drying.